Contingent upon funding from cooperating organizations and stakeholders, AP19 conference organizers will offer a limited number of partial scholarships consisting of either or both conference registration and lodging. Preference will go to those selected as conference concurrent session presenters, those working in community-based organizations, or those engaged in scientific research (including graduate students in a field of study pertaining to alcohol policy).

To apply for a scholarship, applicants should submit an email request to Alicia Sparks at with the subject line ‘Scholarship Application.’ Application emails should include:

  • Full contact information: name, address, email, work and cell phone numbers.

  • Description of applicant’s work and need for partial assistance (e.g., hotel, travel, or registration support).

  • Under which category the applicant qualifies: (1) conference concurrent session presenter; (2) those working in a community-based organization; (3) academic engaged in scientific research (including graduate student in a field of study pertaining to alcohol policy).

  • Information on how applicant has exhausted potential stipend and/or resources at his/her organization or institution of higher education.

Once scholarship recipients are identified, conference organizers will contact recipients with amount available. Scholarship recipients will have three business days in which to accept or decline the award. At the time of acceptance, recipient will also need to provide a statement from his/her organization or institution, or other source of support (funder), that if awarded partial scholarship, scholarship recipient will have sufficient and adequate additional resources to support transportation and any additional costs to and from the conference.

The deadline for scholarship applications is forthcoming. Questions should be directed to Alicia Sparks at 


Alcohol Policy 19

The 19th in a series of conferences on preventing and reducing alcohol-related problems using public policy strategies.

The alcohol policy conferences are a series that, from its outset in 1981, has been a forum for researchers, community practitioners, and public officials to meet and exchange findings, explore evidence-based solutions, and consider adoption of policies aimed at minimizing risks associated with alcohol use. The conferences have been organized by governmental, non-governmental and private organizations over the years. AP19 is coordinated by the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, a national coalition of local and state organizations translating alcohol policy research into public health practice and independent of commercial interests. Conference organizers can be reached by email at

The AP19 Conference is co-chaired by Dr. Timothy S. Naimi, Boston Medical Center and Alicia Sparks, Vice Chair of the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, Abt Associates. The co-chairs are joined on the planning committee by Dr. David Jernigan, Boston University School of Public Health, and Nicole Holt, Chair of the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, Texans For Safe and Drug-Free Youth. 

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