Conference Objectives

1. Strengthen the understanding of sound, evidence-based public policy in preventing and reducing alcohol-related problems.

2. Advance rational alcohol policies, with an emphasis on offsetting the public costs of alcohol use, by illuminating and influencing policy-making processes at local, state, regional, national, and international levels.

3. Provide opportunities for networking and creative exchange of ideas among three key constituencies for alcohol policy: researchers, government officials, and community members.

4. Highlight innovations in alcohol policy change and assist in the dissemination and replication of these innovations.

5. Offer updates on key and breaking alcohol policy issues, including health effects of new products and marketing strategies, relevant developments in global trade negotiations, groundbreaking research documenting alcohol problems while linking to alcohol policy changes, and new tools and resources available to communities seeking to promote change.

6. Introduce and encourage those new to the alcohol policy field to leadership opportunities and resources, success stories and lessons learned from applying public health and public policy approaches to alcohol problems.

7. Consider the future of alcohol policy in the light of health care reform and other changes in the U.S. political and public health landscape.


Alcohol Policy 19

The 19th in a series of conferences on preventing and reducing alcohol-related problems using public policy strategies.

The alcohol policy conferences are a series that, from its outset in 1981, has been a forum for researchers, community practitioners, and public officials to meet and exchange findings, explore evidence-based solutions, and consider adoption of policies aimed at minimizing risks associated with alcohol use. The conferences have been organized by governmental, non-governmental and private organizations over the years. AP19 is coordinated by the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, a national coalition of local and state organizations translating alcohol policy research into public health practice and independent of commercial interests. Conference organizers can be reached by email at

The AP19 Conference is co-chaired by Dr. Timothy S. Naimi, Boston Medical Center and Alicia Sparks, Vice Chair of the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, Abt Associates. The co-chairs are joined on the planning committee by Dr. David Jernigan, Boston University School of Public Health, and Nicole Holt, Chair of the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, Texans For Safe and Drug-Free Youth. 

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