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AP19 Conference Program - Poster Sessions

Please see the posters that will be highlighted at AP19. Note that these are subject to change. 

Thursday, Sep 15, 2022

  • Alcohol-Attributable Deaths among Working-Age U.S. Adults, 2015–2019

    • Gregory Leung, PhD, and Marrisa Esser, PhD, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Evidence To Action On Alcohol Availability: Supporting Stakeholders To Use Complex Research

    • Nicola Merrin,  MRes, MA, Alcohol Focus Scotland

  • General Deterrence Of DUI Sanctions After 10 Years Of Drunk Driving Criminalization In China

    • Tao Xiao, PhD, and Jie Yao, PhD, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzen) University

  • Getting Alcohol Policy Passed in a Party City

    • Sarah Blanch, Institute for Public Strategies

  • The Importance of Data Collection in Alcohol Law Enforcement

    • Carrie Christofes, National Liquor Law Enforcement Association 

  • The Long Game: Building a Comprehensive State Program for Policies to Reduce Excessive Alcohol Use 

    • Amanda Cue, MPH, Oregon Health Authority

  • Underage Drinking Prevention and Reduction Trends: Lessons from Ten Years of the STOP Act State Survey

    • Carol Cannon, MA, VersaTech Inc.

Friday, September 16, 2022

7:30 - 8:30am
  • An Examination of the Minimum Legal Marijuana Use Age 21 Laws and Their Enforcement in California: A State Where Recreational Marijuana is Legal

    • James Fell, MS, NORC at the University of Chicago

  • Alcohol and Breast Cancer: Awareness & Risk Perception Beliefs Among U.S. Adult Women

    • Addie Balenger and Monica Swahn, PhD, MPH, Georgia State University School of Public Health

  • Advancing the WHO SAFER Priorities in East and West Africa: Findings from Two Cross-Sectional Surveys

    • Monica Swahn, PhD, and Addie Balenger, Georgia State University

  • Building a State Underage Drinking Prevention Profile: Data Collected Through the STOP Act

    • Carol Cannon, MA, VersaTech Inc.

  • Characteristics Of On-Premise Drinking Establishments Associated With Alcohol Prices And Drink Specials

    • Cassidy LoParco, University of North Texas Health Science Center

  • Medicaid Expansion and Substance Use Purchasing: Variation Across Race/Ethnicity

    • Collin Calvert, MPH, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

  • Transitioning Of Services From In-Person To Online Modules That Transfers Information To Self-Paced Or Online SBI Implementation

    • Tammy Horton, MLA, Texans for Safe and Drug-Free Youth

  • Reeling In Your Representatives: Identifying the Best Strategies for Engaging Elected Officials

    • Maxell Johnson and Craig Reed, Institute for Public Strategies 

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